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About Garage 11

Garage 11, specialises in low volume high quality restorations on vintage motocross bikes from the 60s - 00s. We take care of almost every aspect of the process in order to have total quality control over every aspect, from zinc plating to cerakoting and engine and suspension rebuilding. With experience in high level motorsport and a huge network of suppliers, both domestic and overseas, we are always equipped to help you with your project. 



Garage 11 specializes in the restoration of vintage off road motocross bikes, ranging from the 60's to the early 00s and later model 2 strokes. We pride ourselves on being a low volume high quality workshop 

Service and maintenance 

We also cater to more modern 2 stroke motocross bikes, we offer top and bottom end rebuilds and maintenance . As well as customising parts, graphics and suspension servicing.