Garage Eleven two-stroke MX motocross engine rebuild and restoration

Needing to freshen up your two-stroke motocross engine? Let us help you out. We offer full engine reconditioning, as well as Cerakoting and vapour blasting to either give your two-stroke MX engine a new look, or restore it back to showroom condition. 

We can help with cylinder recoating and honing, as well as crankcase repairs if needed.  We work with only the best suppliers and brands, to ensure quality and reliability.

Engine rebuilds for 125cc and 250cc two-stroke motocross engines start from $1500, and can be tailored any way you like.

Not in Victoria? Not a problem! We work with many customers who ship their engines to us and we safely and successfully ship rebuilt engines all over the country when finished. We here at Garage Eleven are happy to work with any shipping company you feel comfortable with.